Decluttering My life Series #2: Paper Destruction

This is the second installment of Decluttering My life Series.

So my clothes cleanup has been quite successful. My wardrobe is now less cluttered. I will probably do another round of clothes cleanup in the coming weeks to further sort out those I really use and those I don’t need at all anymore.

Paper Clutter

The next part of this project is to reduce my paper collection. I have lots of loose paper lying around. Receipts, Bills, Loose notes, advertisements, etc.

It’s such a mess literally.

So I have decided to slowly dwindle it down.

I have emptied loose paper lying around in my room and my bedroom looks less messy now :)

But there is more to be done.

I have to show no mercy when I slowly decrease the paper clutter in my life.

I need to transfer important notes in soft copy form for easy access.

Wish me luck :)

How about you? Do you keep useless pieces of paper lying around your home? In your bag? Loose receipts? Brochures you never use?

What do you do with them? I say: Get rid of it!

Share your comments below :)


  1. I’ve been trying to look for filipino blogs about minimalism. I want to start my own. Most of what I read are from the US and their lifestyle and environment is different.

    I hope more blogs like this exist.

    • Hi Rae,

      Thanks for dropping by. It’s true there are plenty of minimalist blogs outside Philippines. I hope to lead the minimalist movement here in the country :) I hope you can join too in this movement.



      • I support you. I hope many people get inspired by this blog. Anyway, I tried to be a little braver and made my first entry.

        I hope many more people will adopt this lifestyle :)

  2. axl powerhouse says:

    wow.. cleaning mode.. sa tanung mo simple lang ang sagot reduce or produce new material yung that old paper thing… lalo na kung super creative ka..

  3. aw, i wished my two teens have read this post. I have been helping the lad this morning to dispose of the papers that’s invading his room.
    for my own clutter, i have organized bills and other papers and arranged them alphabetically :)

  4. Most of the time I kept papers on my drawer even those that are not important ..My wife always get mad seeing me keeping those useless stuff

  5. chrisair says:

    you may never believe what my tita does in use paper she cramped it with water dried and use as a coal

  6. I have tons of paper in my room! Some are old files I’ve been hanging onto and others are just papers I don’t want to let go ’cause I might find a need for them. But yes, it’s such a mess and I want to throw everything away.. >.<

  7. Thanks for your post. It reminds me to do my decluttering one of these days. We have tons of old things that need to be disposed.

  8. Matsumoto says:

    bahaha, I can see myself in you! :D I just had our closet decluttered but still more to do *sigh* Being in a family of artists and kids who love to draw, paper is also one of the many stuff lying around here…good thing I can now write via the laptop, otherwise that would add up to the paper pile as well :D

  9. I’ve been looking for Filipino minimalists blogs and glad that I found yours :)
    I’m still new in this concept, being influenced by most of the assigned eBooks (my employer’s a minimalist).

    May more Filipinos get into this kind of lifestyle :)


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