On Strengths and Why You Should Ignore Weaknesses

Do you know your strengths? How about your weaknesses?

Do you spend more time developing your strengths or do you spend more time on your weaknesses?

I’m a big advocate of developing strengths and talents. Work with what you have rather than than what you don’t have.

For example, I’m terrible in drawing. So I don’t seek to improve it. Yes, I wish I had that skill but it’s just not in my genes.

On the other, I’m decent with writing. Not yet a super strength but a strength nonetheless. This is one skill I’m honing.

This is one major reason I blog. To hone my writing skill.

How about you? Are you actively working on your strength? Or are you letting your lizard brain take over and convince you to procrastinate?

According to John Maxwell, if you work on a weakness, you can only raise your ability a little bit (2 points on a 10 point scale). However, if you work on a strength, you can hone it even further to become  a super strength.

Malcolm Gladwell in his groundbreaking book, Outliers, say we have to clock in 10,000 hours to become truly proficient in something.

Are you clocking in towards that 10,000 hour mark?

If you have’t discovered your strengths, I highly recommend you take the Strengthsfinder Test by the Gallup Institute.

It will tell you your top 5 strengths and how to harness it in your life.

For me, I have gotten: Futuristic, Learner, Intellection, Input and Empathy as my major strengths to work on :)

Have you taken it already? Share your results below!

What are your thoughts on strengths and weaknesses? Write them in the comments below!

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  1. Sumi says:

    I actually have a problem with this.. I don’t really know what my top strengths are ’cause I believe I’m a Jack of all trades.. >.< Sadly, a master of none too. But hopefully, when I learn what my top strengths are, I get to hone them and be a master in at least one field.. :)
    Sumi recently posted..Market Café: Rizal Favorites at Hyatt Hotel ManilaMy Profile

  2. Franc Ramon says:

    That’s how I do my work or even how I write when even I write about something. My first question is always, what makes this thing different or what sets it apart. Once I get to know that, I can set up my strategy.
    Franc Ramon recently posted..San Fab Vacation HouseMy Profile

  3. Alexis Pedrico says:

    I remembered someone who said, “jack of all traits, master of none” focusing on a single goal will help us to improve our life, but if ok ka nman na sa isa s strengths mo, pwde nman siguro mag focus dun sa weaker strength.. The point is that, minsan nag ffocus tayo sa multiple traits which is mahirap. Two or 3 ok siguro as long as you can handle it.
    Alexis Pedrico recently posted..How to cook Crispy CrabletsMy Profile

  4. Lianne @ The Wise Living says:

    Your post about being terrible at drawing made me laugh! I’m a terrible artist as well! Yes, drawing is indeed a weakness of mine.
    Lianne @ The Wise Living recently posted..How to Prepare for a Blackout (Blackout Kit)My Profile

  5. axl powerhouse says:

    oh my gasss.. hahaha..
    its like an interview in a HR… telling about what your strength and weakness haha.
    so u reading a John Maxwell too.. cool.. he one of my fave motivational author..
    axl powerhouse recently posted..Freedom To ShootMy Profile

  6. imriz says:

    can this be the reason why i can’t be good at numbers :) i stopped tutoring my son on his math subjects because math is my waterloo:)
    those are great authors, btw. really inspiring.
    imriz recently posted..budget desktop computerMy Profile

  7. lalalapatricia says:

    wew I usually equal my strength and weakness but sometimes I give up too. Thanks for sharing this! :)
    lalalapatricia recently posted..Random-antic thingMy Profile

  8. marri says:

    You know…
    I am a frustrated painter, composer
    writer, poet, dancer and singer.
    Hahahahah! But I know my strength
    and that is… SECRET :)

    Kidding aside. We all have our own flaws
    and nobody’s PERFECT. What matters is
    we do our best to be BETTER than others.
    marri recently posted..SOLEMN bowMy Profile

  9. Free SMS says:

    Success is very hard to attain if you let weakness control you :)


  10. joy says:

    i focus more on my strengths such as strong-willed, hardworking, patient and a fast learner, yet do not ask me about accounting , my weakness that i find it difficult in improving ahaha
    joy recently posted..Important aspects to consider in buying pre-owned carsMy Profile

  11. Jessica Cassidy says:

    I do not focus on my weakness but on my strength :-) I am a positive thinker :-) Great tips :-)
    Jessica Cassidy recently posted..My little entertainerMy Profile

  12. Jessica Cassidy says:

    I do not focus on my weakness but on my strength :-) I am a positive thinker :-) Great tips :-)
    Jessica Cassidy recently posted..My little entertainerMy Profile

  13. Enzo says:

    I wish I have this attitude to focus on the brighter side of things. Sometimes I can’t help but cry over things that I can’t do. Thanks for this post.
    Enzo recently posted..Glitz and Glamour – P’lok Pinoyz Version (Series 1)My Profile

  14. Gene says:

    I try not to dwell on my weakness but sometimes it just keeps coming back to me. I like to sing and dance but I have no talent in that. So I just sing and dance in my room or in the shower. :D As for my strengths, I think I’m a good reader and researcher, but my career path isn’t working in favor of that.
    Gene recently posted..Cartier Replica Santos – More Than a WatchMy Profile

  15. Lily says:

    I focus on what I can do and how I can excel in it. But I don’t let my weakness become my forever weakness, instead, I try to work on it too. :)
    Lily recently posted..Nivea Gift PacksMy Profile

  16. Blanca says:

    My penmanship is lousy and now I am seeking to improve it. That’s one of my weakness and I guess I am more of the type who would rather work on my weakness rather than just accept it a it is. I remember I was a lousy dancer before as in really lousy but it has always been my dream to dance like there’s no tomorrow, I worked hard on my dancing and now I teach children how to dance in our dance club in school. I guess for me you will always excel in your strength areas, so you should learn to work on your weakness so you can eventually make them your strengths too.:)
    Blanca recently posted..My Dad, My HeroMy Profile

  17. Airra Pingol says:

    im trying my best to be good on the things that I want. Im believe that if you think positively, positive results will come to you. thanks for sharing this :)

  18. Lizzie says:

    I know I’m weak but I do my best to overcome it and focus on my strength instead…
    Lizzie recently posted..Taking Care Of Yourself And Your SkinMy Profile

  19. Koko says:

    I totally agree with you on this one. I think all of us are equipped with inborn talents and skills. Our mission in life is to search for that, enhance it and put it to good use. For me, I think one of my strength is writing, just like you, but I still want to know more about myself… I’ll probably check out that strengthfinder test…. It would be cool to know what else I am good at hehe
    Koko recently posted..Doggie-Proof Your HomeMy Profile

  20. Fervil says:

    My Major Strength – intellect, courage, and belief

    My Weakness – feeble and fragile spirit
    Fervil recently posted..Car Buying Guide & Full Coverage Car Insurance: Cost and FactorsMy Profile


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