Building New Habits

Making New Good Habits was one of my goals this year.

Habits will make or break our existence here on Earth.

Build good habits and it will bear you success.

Develop bad habits and it will bring you destruction.

Currently, the one new good habit I created was to avoid softdrinks.

The 1st week was hard. I nearly succumbed to the temptation of forgetting to make this new habit.

But I persevered. Now, it has been 4 months since I last drank softdrinks.

What I’ve learned:

1) You need a strong reason to create that new habit.

My reason was I wanted a healthy way of living. Two, I wanted to lessen the destruction of caffeine on my teeth.

2) Visualize the benefits. Focus on it.

Each time the temptation presented itself, I focused on my big reason and the benefits of doing so. As a result, I drank more water in my entire life so far.

3) Replace the bad habit with a good one.

So instead of softdrinks, I now drink water. The bonus is I get to save money when I eat out.


So there, what new habits have you formed?

Get started and track your progress. Declare to the world you are building new, powerful, positive habits.



  1. sabi daw it only takes 21 days to form a habit! YAy! congratulations! I’ve long stopped drinking soda.. water is more beneficial…

    My new habit?? mmm, haven’t started yet but have been contemplating on it already hehehe

    Thanks for the reminders!

  2. Jek says:

    glad I stumbled upon your blog. this is so timely! :) tnx.

  3. lalalapatricia says:

    Hmm this is great! I wana try that instead of softdrinks gonna order water. haha I do it sometime :D Hope I could make it! :)

  4. danecca says:

    Having a strong emotional why will fuel our determination to remove all bad habits and to replace it with a new one … Finding our emotional why will be that turning point of our life wherein we made a clear decision that we are not going to live life with our bad habits anymore…

  5. Mai Flores says:

    I’ve actually tried this a couple of times when I was so determined to loose weight. I cut down on all of the colored drinks (especially softdrinks) and also with the chocolate goodies, oh plus rice. I was able to do this.. but I’ve also managed to come back to my old ways. I’m actually back on it again, gaining weight that is. I better go back to my good habits — running and checking what I eat.. so thank you for this push. =)

  6. Noel says:

    Nice habit. It’s almost like a resolution. Keep it up. As for me, my spirit is willing but my flesh is weak hehe! I still can’t help to have a taste of pepsi once in a while.

  7. Blanca says:

    Way to go! I wish I have the same perseverance and self-control like you do.:)

  8. leira says:

    thanks for this post.. i needed this..

  9. I still gulp “colored drinks” but in moderation. Not really sure if I want to give them up yet

  10. jane says:

    wow good luck dear!! i have get to seriously about working out and not eating foods with oil unless they use olive oil! most of the time i eat veggie salad only and greentea will make you feel so full! xx

  11. Airra Pingol says:

    yes. push mo nlang yan. not only it’ll be good for you, but you can also inspire others as well.

  12. Irene @ Inspiration From The Little Things says:

    Great post!

    Bad habits can be tough to break because they’ve become a part of our system! So it takes a lot of discipline and determination on our part.

    I salute you for having so much willpower to develop good habits and for persisting on this one! :-)

  13. marri says:

    Anything we do can be habit-forming.
    If we are stress, we seem to do something that
    will lighten up our mood and sometimes…
    we stick to that habit, either good or bad. What matters is, it
    will never do harm on us in the long run.

  14. Mark Morfe says:

    Congratulations on breaking that old habit and starting a new one.

    I wanted to do the same but with so many bad habits I got, I don’t know where to start. :D

  15. Kathy Ngo says:

    You just have to want it … then it will happen.

  16. Cha says:

    You think, You become. Congratulations! You’re now on the way to a healthier life. I have to do the same! ASAP!

  17. Yani says:

    As what they takes 28 days to form a habit. And I definitely agree with that. I have lots of things in mind and will take me long if I’ll tell it to you one by one but certainly these habits are purely POSITIVE ones :)

  18. Biboy says:

    Nice habits… Hope you could render all of these :)

  19. joy says:

    that is one habit which is I find hard to break, can’t live a day without drinking even a glass of soda hehe
    well, determination is the key if you really want to achieve a goal. congratulations for new built habit :)
    joy recently posted..A Bachelor’s CarMy Profile

  20. Franc Ramon says:

    I am now wondering what would be a good habit to start or a bad habit to end. I think one of my worst habit is also soft drinks and when I tried to stop I got so weak from my sporty lifestyle. I guess, I need the sugar after all so I just shifted my goal to reducing soft drinks and have as much water or juice as substitute.
    Franc Ramon recently posted..A Visit to the Nowhere KingdomMy Profile

  21. RonLeyba says:

    Good habits indeed. Hoping you can achieve them all.
    RonLeyba recently posted..Learning the 5 Types of College ProfessorsMy Profile


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