5 Simple Ways to deal with Change

Recently, I have been dealing with major changes in life.

For one, I have moved to a foreign land to teach. It’s my first time to work abroad.

Instead of dealing with primary kids, I now handle teenagers, kids often bigger than me. Instead of me towering over my students, I find I often have to look up to them.

Changes in routine, for example, weekend routines back in the Philippines have changed as well. It’s now more simple.

Relationships wise, from a mini-long distance, it becomes a even longer distance relationship.

Foreign language, foreign place, everything is new.

It can get overwhelming at times really.

Change is really the only constant. 

Dealing with Change

However, I think I adjusted well and here are 5 ways I used to deal with the change:

1) Think of your Whys.

Think of the reasons that led to your decision that brought about much change in your life. Those reasons will keep you grounded.

2) Surround yourself with friends. Connect.

I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded with great friends and colleagues here in this foreign land. They help stave off homesickness and provide positive cheer.

3) Be humble

Dealing with new environments and changes can lead you to doubt your confidence. Be humble to acknowledge that you don’t know everything. Ask. Learn from others. This will lead to confidence.

4) Connect with God

Each time you wake up with the sun lighting up brightly in the sky, you know that God has a purpose for you and you have not yet accomplished it. Being in this new situation is part of the journey leading to your soul’s purpose.

Connect with God

5) Enjoy

Embrace the new change. Enjoy this new journey. Change often brings new things to learn and experience. One day, you will remember these experiences and smile that you braved the changes and it made you a better person.

Enjoy Change! Savor the adventure and enjoy the taste of new cheese! 

Spencer Johnson, Who moved my cheese?


  1. May Y. Macalino says:

    Hi Argee! I love your 5 Simple Ways to Deal with Change…God bless you on your life’s journey!

  2. Franc Ramon says:

    I agree on your tips especially the one where you say enjoy. Enjoy the process of change as its very much normal. Though it’s difficult, it could mean also new things and developments.
    Franc Ramon recently posted..Chaos in Nowhere KingdomMy Profile

  3. Adeline says:

    Dealing with change is so easy when it is a change for the better. The challenge always comes when the change involves something painful. Your 5 steps on dealing with change (especially number 4) will definitely help anyone who is dealing with the painful side of change.
    Adeline recently posted..Common Restaurant Styles in the PhilippinesMy Profile

  4. Gil Camporazo says:

    I beg to disagree that change is the only thing that is constant. Change is a part of everyone’s life. Whether you like it or not. In every change in our day-to-day job, or whatever, it calls for an adaptation or adjustment. It may be for the better or the other way around.
    Gil Camporazo recently posted..Panie Birthday WishMy Profile


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